VMG is eager to invest in and support founders who are building consumer products, technology, and services that enhance our livelihoods. We partner with brands that have acquired a loyal following of evangelists, especially in industries that have long forgotten who they ultimately service - the everyday consumer. We see tremendous runway for entrepreneurs to reinvent tired industries associated with poor net promoter scores by empowering the end users and prioritizing their needs when it comes to product decision-making. We believe VMG offers a wealth of experience in growing these into iconic brands and positioning them front-and-center with the right consumers.

Commerce Enablement

VMG Catalyst is the bridge connecting our emerging brand ecosystem with pioneering technologies. We’re excited to fund companies that we believe are transforming the foundational building blocks of commerce. There is a massive need for advancement in commerce today. We believe that the best brands will standout because they are powered by the best technology. Every transaction, both online and offline, is enabled by software. Whether it’s logistics software, operational tools, marketing technology, or commerce infrastructure, we see inherent value in creating a seamless experience for consumers and merchants alike.