Consumer Internet

We are laser-focused on improving the lives of the consumer, and see Consumer Internet as essential to this goal. These are businesses that have attracted a loyal following by providing high-in-demand products and services that are entirely web-based — from mobile apps to digital marketplaces. VMG offers a wealth of experience in growing these into iconic brands, and positioning them front-and-center with the right consumers.

Digitally Native Products

VMG Catalyst is eager to invest in and support founders who innovate the consumer experience across a variety of categories. We partner with brands that have acquired a loyal following based on the quality of their physical goods, as well as the unique ways they use technology to sell them.

Backbone of Commerce

Technology now powers commerce. VMG recognizes the value of tech products and software that fuel the online market place for our partner businesses. There’s inherent value in creating a seamless online experience for consumers, and the tech that makes that possible is invaluable in today’s digitally-driven world.

Consumerization of Software

Our lives are forever changed by the remote capabilities technology affords us — particularly at work. VMG invests in companies serving enterprises with the tech and software that makes work (and life) easier. These are the digital tools people rely on to stay on top of their professional and personal lives, and we know exactly how to brand them as such.