Maximizing Speed and Progress

Experienced sailors know that sailing directly to the mark will often not achieve maximum speed. Instead, the wiser choice is the point of sail that achieves the ideal combination of speed and progress toward the destination to maximize the sailboat’s velocity. This is known as Velocity Made Good, and it's the founding principle behind our name.

We partner with growth stage mission-driven entrepreneurs and management teams of companies where our proprietary “toolbox” of resources can help build iconic brands in food, beverage, personal care, beauty, pet, and wellness.

We partner with daring early-stage entrepreneurs building iconic tech enabled brands in consumer products, services, and marketplaces as well as the infrastructure and technology stack that enables businesses in this ecosystem. We invest in companies with product market fit and help them scale capital efficiently into enduring brands and business models. We support emerging and start-up companies by offering strategic advice and venture capital financing.

A collective of premium digital marketing and e-commerce outsourced talent with deep expertise in online customer acquisition, Amazon, data analytics, growth marketing, e-commerce organizational structures, and more. VMG Ignite is not exclusively for portfolio companies. Visit to learn more.

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Partnering with Iconic Consumer Brands

We partner with growth stage entrepreneurs and management teams building iconic brands in food, beverage, personal care, beauty, pet, and wellness.

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