Alex Cole

Entrepreneurs are wired differently

A voracious reader and former Frisch’s Big Boy waitress, Alexandra tells us about her Midwest upbringing, how listening goes a long way, and when she knew VMG was the place for her.

Listen up

Best formative advice I received: “Anyone can talk. Smart people listen.”

Doing it differently

VMG challenges the status quo, always asking "Why?" and "Did we ever consider doing it this way?" No one is locked into any set of assumptions.

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At age 10 how would we pick you out from other kids?

I’m the kid with my nose in a book. I read books voraciously. Everywhere.

And this was where?

In the Midwest which shaped my “do the right thing” values and my work ethic.

First job?

Waitress at Frisch's Big Boy!

Sounds very Ohio.

But, just in case my Big Boy boss is reading this, I do know I was truly awful.

Best formative advice?

“Anyone can talk. Smart people listen.”

Hmm. Note to self. Ok, do you remember a brand you were attracted to as a kid?

I've always loved Vogue. I spent hours on my back porch flipping through Vogues that were 3 - 5 years old on hot summer nights trying to avoid mosquito bites.

Again, very Ohio. Do you feel Californian now?

I do. Can’t say that for our dog. Weekend hikes are routinely punctuated by his long rests. He’s a New Yorker still. He’ll catch the spirit.

Speaking of spirit, you work around a lot of energetic entrepreneurial spirits.

They truly inspire me. Entrepreneurs are wired differently. They see something we don't fully grasp initially and have the tenacity to keep building it until we all catch on. Until one day we all feel like their product is a must-have! Helping them in this effort is really meaningful to me.

You work with brands that are a “natural” or “better for you” entry in their category. Is that important to you?

For a long time natural and healthier options have really only been available to a certain socioeconomic subset - it's expensive to eat healthy! The more brands within the natural and clean category win, the more the market catches on and one day all parents, more people, can afford healthier options.

What attracted you to the VMG culture?

This place has a phenomenal performance track record. But what I heard about them from others was "The founders they work with love them.” That sold me.

What do you think you’ll learn most here?

VMG embraces multiple perspectives. This inspires me as I have western European, African-American and Chinese ancestry. They challenge the status quo, always asking "Why?" and "Did we ever consider doing it this way?" No one is locked into any set of assumptions.

How do you most contribute?

Right now I’m all about listening. Anyone can talk…

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